Tanya from Mortal Kombat X
Tanya from Mortal Kombat X

The newly released Mortal Kombat may look visually rich and ever-so-gore, but it isn't really an easy game to master. Sure NetherRealm has claimed that the controls for the new title are easier to comprehend when compared to Mortal Kombat 9, but it still requires a bit getting used to the things here.

There are a number of players still out there who, almost every day, take time off their busy schedules (probably playing the new Witcher) and spend some time with the highly rated fighting game just to hone their skills. However, most of them take things online and stay stuck to the novice level.

Staying stuck in the novice level for a long time may not be something that you signed up for when you bought the game, and there's naturally an urge to be better than others. And if that's the scene, here are some MK X tips that will help you along the way.

Mortal Kombat X – How Not to be Stuck in Novice Level

  • Nothing beats a good training before you are really ready to take on your opponent fighters. At training, you learn how to churn out and experiment with combos. There are several variations of the combos to master and it's really advisable that you spend some time with them.
  • Try repeat performing combos as many times as possible, or until you can pull them even with your eyes closed – after all, you don't want to be caught out by the enemy since you couldn't pull off a freshly learned combo. You will gain more if your memory power is good. Do some memory power exercises. Seriously!
  • Just because you can pull off all the combos in the training, doesn't mean you will do so readily in a real match. So before declaring yourself to the world (only to go down wimping), play a game against a random opponent offline and see where you stand.
  • Although it goes without saying, but to become really good at Mortal Kombat X, play the game as much as possible (or until your fingers fall off). The more you play, the more familiar you get with your character as well as the opposing character.
  • When you think that you have attained a kind of boss-like stature in the offline mode, it's now time to take things online and challenge the world. But make sure you have grasped enough experience from the offline content.
  • If you live in a big enough city, there's every chance that there will be a dedicated group of MK X players around the blocks. You can always head over to sites such as Test Your Might for regional forum threads on where to find other local gatherings for the game.
  • To learn to play like a pro, you first need to learn how to lose. There's absolutely no point of playing the average player whom you can beat even with a hand tied to your back. Rather, take on somebody your own size, who is also likely to beat you.
  • If you lose a match, don't throw away the controller or jump to a different game just because you are upset. This is the time to challenge more such opponents and placing yourself in their shoes. Patience is the virtue, here.
  • Rather than complaining about your opponent's gameplay tactics, try to read through the lines and get around them as fast as possible. The more you improvise, the more it will force your opponent to change his or her gameplay style.

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