Ellen DeGeneres
U.S. President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a ceremony in the White House East Room in Washington, U.S., November 22Reuters

The world witnessed US President Barack Obama presenting the nation's highest civilian honour to 21 groundbreaking actors, musicians, athletes and innovators for the last time before his presidential tenure concludes. Celebrities among the list included Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Bill and Melinda Gates, Vin Scully, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Among all the participants, looks like DeGeneres had the most memorable night of all. The comedian and The Ellen DeGeneres show host reached the venue only to find out that she wouldn't be allowed into the White House because she had forgotten to carry her ID card. Sitting on a bench outside the White House, she shared a picture of herself to give fans a live update of what she was up to.

Thankfully, DeGeneres, although a little late, got an entry into the event. When she got on stage to accept her award, the TV host got emotional and was in tears as she accepted the honorary medal. DeGeneres, sharing the podium with Obama, was seen tearing up as the presenter talked about her contributions to the society in the last three decades. Even after she went back to her seat with the glorious blue ribbon, DeGeneres was seen wiping her tears. The comedian was seated next to fellow recipient Robert De Niro, who provided a reassuring hug for the tearful star.

The queen of social media, DeGeneres is known to make every occasion grand and memorable. How can one forget the iconic Oscars selfie in 2014 featuring celebrities Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey among others. The picture was shared on Twitter more than two million times by the time the ceremony was over.

Following the same fashion, only with the trendiest challenge, DeGeneres shared a video showcasing the participants of the award function taking up the Mannequin Challenge. The epic video involves Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Diana Ross and Ellen DeGeneres herself. The video was shared on her Instagram account and has already received over 1.2 million views. A better resolution picture was shared by actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

In the video, the camera journeys through the room full of stars -- beginning with Robert De Niro, actress Tracee Ellis Ross in the pink dress laughing with Rita Wilson, DeGeneres flashing her billion dollar smile and Bill Gates standing across Michael Jorden, among many others present in the hall.

DeGeneres concluded her day at the ceremony by sharing a selfie with wife Portia De Rossi on Twitter and Instagram, thanking President Obama for awarding her the Medal of Freedom and joking about her debacle with the ID card earlier that day.