How many times have you run out of juice while working on your trusted iPad? Well, we are guessing you have already lost count of the number of times. In the age of smartphones and tablets, all your work is done via your smart gadget, but when their batteries die out, it leaves us vulnerable and angered.

But losing out on the precious battery life of your iPad can still be controlled, provided you take a few precautions beforehand. These are actually pretty simple steps to follow in your day-to-day tablet usage, and here are six of the easiest steps to follow to extend the battery life on your iPad.

Turn Push Notifications Off

Just head over to Settings -- Mail -- Contacts -- Calendars -- Fetch New Data -- Turn off Push.

Don't Use Graphic-Heavy Apps Often

There are certain apps or games that may look pretty to the eye, but keep eating away your battery life in the background. Avoid those as much as possible.

Keep Software Up To Date

Apple is known for pushing out timely updates for its both iPhone and iPad offerings. These updates usually consist of general fixes that aims to improve your overall experience. Some of these fixes also involve better battery life.

Turn of Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

Just head over to Settings -- WiFi option/Cellular -- tap the off switch.

Turn off Location Data/Services

If you are constantly using your location services to find roads, routes, know that it will take a huge toll on your iPad's battery life. It is highly recommended that you turn the location services off when not in use.

Turn on Auto-Lock Feature

Just head over to Settings>General>tap on Auto Lock. Here on, set the interval to a short period of time (like one minute).

Stay tuned for more updates!