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In the upcoming episode Hera's Heroes of Star Wars Rebels season 3, it seems that Hera's mission to deliver the supply to Ryloth will be put in jeopardy after her crew encounters the Imperial forces.

The synopsis of the episode mentions that Hera's mission will become personal after she and the Ghost crew will have an encounter with the Imperial troops, while she tries to obtain a memento from her home planet.

In the episode, Hera is given the responsibility of delivering supply goods. However, on her way to the destination, she takes a detour along with the Ghost crew and decides to face the Imperial troops in order to retrieve an artefact from her home planet.

In order to protect Hera, her father, Cham Syndulla, comes to her rescue. Besides it, viewers will also get to have a closer look at Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose work for the Empire's expansion has increased the hostility among the Empire and the Rebels significantly.

In the previous episode The Antilles Extraction, Sabine went into disguise in order to assist Wedge for defecting the Rebellion. Wedge is undoubtedly one of the best Rebel pilots and has been featured in other mediums of Star Wars franchise too like the comic book X-Wing: Rogue Squadron.

In the meanwhile, the third season of Rebels is doing great so far. Dave Feloni, who had created the show, has resigned as the Supervising Director and has been replaced by director Justin Ridge of The Clone Wars fame.