Recently Kangana Ranaut had made the headlines with her whopping 48-crore worth office in Palli Hills, Mumbai. The actress' office was appreciated for its design insight and the lushness of it all. 

Graduating from getting interiors done, Kangana did the interiors for Rangoli's new home. Rangoli posted photos giving fans a virtual tour, the results will leave you wondering if she'll take on more projects.

Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel

Kangana Ranaut turns interior designer for Rangoli's new home

Kangana Ranaut's 48-crore office in Mumbai set an example on how to design your dream office, combining sustainability and Kangana's 1920s aesthetic. Some of it, we saw in her Rs 30-crore Manali home as well, which has wowed fans and on-lookers. 

Kangana Ranaut's office
@team_kangana_ranaut on Instagram

Although her house and her office were not designed by Kangana per se, one can tell she would have got the place to speak to herself. Rangoli recently, set up her new house in Kullu. The cute hillside house was designed by none other than Kangana Ranaut. 

From the pics on Instagram that Rangoli shared and the look of it, Villa Pegasus as it is named could work as Kangana's debut as an interior designer. In one of her earlier posts, rangoli revealed Kangana's vintage aesthetic was less her style, but the actress moved out of her mould to help Rangoli's vision for a home come to life. 

Rangoli Chandel's new home
@rangoli_r_chandel on Instagram

Rangoli wrote about the experience, "No words to thank our doll for being there for us in so many ways also would like to mention she used only local material for construction and ordered everything for interiors online while she was on various shooting locations, amazed with the super-efficient deliveries to our home in a small village in the Himalayas, our Indian brands quality is far better than many international brands today and they are super affordable as well."

We can see some spillover in aesthetic here, but the fans can't get enough. Perhaps, Kangana has an alternate career up her sleeve should Bollywood not work out, but the fact that her office in Palli Hills caters to Manikarnika Films, we should not hope.