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'Hell's Kitchen' Season 13 Episode 1 Recap.Facebook/Hell's Kitchen

This article features some spoilers about the Premiere of "Hell's Kitchen" season 13. Do not read further if you have not watched episode 1.

The brand new episode of Fox's cooking show "Hell's Kitchen" kicked off on Wednesday with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and 18 aspiring chefs. While some of them got rewards from the renowned chef for their good work, some had to pay for their mistakes.

At first, Season 13 contestants were taken to a historic Cinerama in Los Angeles for the screening of the program's previews. After the screening, a curtain dropped to reveal a huge crowd of audience and Ramsay, reported TVGrapevine.

The contestants were then divided into two groups of men (blue) and women (red) and they were asked to prepare their signature dishes.

Both the teams tried their best to impress Ramsay, but red team proved their cooking abilities and was rewarded for their performance. They were given a treat at Hotel Bel-Air along with Ramsay's friend Wolfgang Puck. On the other hand, men were asked to unload the bedroom furniture and arrange the newly renovated "Hell's Kitchen" space.

The next challenge was to prepare dinner for the celebrities and customers of "Hell's Kitchen". Though Cordon Bleu culinary school witnessed a tough competition between the two teams, once again women managed to impress Ramsay.

During the first hour of the show, Ramsay had several disputes with men's service, speed, communication and at one point he even punched a fish piece because it was raw. Finally, he kicked out the entire blue team from the kitchen.

At the end of the first part, Ramsay asked the blue team to suggest two nominees for elimination and the names given by men were Aaron and JP. While Aaron admitted his mistake, JP put the blame on Aaron. However, Aaron managed to convince Ramsay but JP was sent back home.

In the next hour of "Hell's Kitchen" Season 2 episode 1, the two teams had to dig up sand castles of geoduck clams for their next challenge. The blue team dug 12 sand castles and red team managed to dig 10.

The challenge for the hour had begun with preparation of geoduck sashimi. The contestants had to prepare 15 dishes of 200 grams each. Though women had a slow start, they earned a luxury yacht and lunch with Ramsay as reward. On the other hand, men had to clean up the sand castle and satisfy themselves with a boiled salt cod with gefilte fish sauce for lunch.

But luck was not in favour of women in the next challenge. When they were asked to prepare risotto for dinner, the red team had to pay for their lack of communication. Janai didn't communicate with her teammates when the dish was coming together and messed up the dish, after which Ramsay dismissed all the women from the kitchen. Meanwhile, men worked hard to give their best but failed in their attempt and were kicked out of the kitchen too.

While, the red team nominated Janai and Denine for eviction, the blue team named Sterling and Fernando for the elimination and Ramsay decided to send Janai back home.