Ashley Sherman
Ashley ShermanFacebook/Hell's Kitchen

Ashley Sherman, a resident of Palmer Township in Pennsylvania, United States, managed to receive a word of appreciation from renowned chef Gordon Ramsay for her Beef Wellington in the premiere show of "Hell's Kitchen" season 13.

During the show's second challenge of episode 1, teams blue and red were asked to prepare dinner for celebrity guests and customers of "Hell's Kitchen". As the teams started preparing the dishes, several contestants had to face the intensive and explosive nature of the celebrity chef.

When the red team was about to serve their Beef Wellington, Ramsay aggressively asked, "Who cooked these wellingtons?" When Sherman admitted that it was her work, she received compliments from the renowned chef. "They're perfectly done," he said, according to

Sharing her experience at "Hell's Kitchen", Sherman said, "Tapping glasses with Chef Ramsay is probably the best experience I've had in my entire life".

The 30-year-old works as lead line cook at ArtsQuest, a performing art venue in Bethlehem. Her signature dishes are Chorizo Deconstructed "Taco" and Chipotle Chicken. The young chef, originally from New Jersey, started her cooking career at a pizza shop, when she was 16 and has also proved her talent in the pastry shop at Buddakan and Aramark at Citizens Bank Park, according to

Narrating her journey, Sherman said that her grandmother was her inspiration. "When I moved in with my foster dad, he was a chef so it just kind of made sense for me to keep on cooking. Turns out, I'm really good at it," The Morning Call quoted Sherman. 

The first Phillipsburg chef to win the "Hell's Kitchen" black jacket was Christina Wilson, who bagged the life-changing reward in the 10th season of the Fox's cooking show. She was made the head chef of Gordon Ramsay's Steak in Las Vegas and is currently working as executive chef at Gordon Ramsay BurGR in Planet Hollywood Casino, states the report.