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"Supernatural" Season 10 is nearing its final episode and like every season finale of The CW show, fans can expect one of the Winchester brothers, which may be Dean this time, to end up in heaven, hell or purgatory. "Book of Damned", unbeknown to Dean, is in the safe hands of Sam who is planning to be allies with Crowley's mother Rowena, whose mind games and manipulations are no secret to any ardent fan.

In "The Werther Project", Sam (Jared Padalecki) approaches Rowena (Ruth Connell) as a last resort to save his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) from the Mark of Caine. The "Book of Damned", discovered by Charlie (Felicia Day), contained dark magic, and Dean felt that using it would wreak havoc and not do any good. Hence, he asked Sam to destroy the only item that could save Dean.

Sam, however, does not destroy the book and instead asks Rowena to help him save Dean using it. Rowena, who was recently insulted and thrown out of the palace of her son - the king of hell, is looking for an opportunity to punish Crowley (Mark A Sheppard). The promo for "The Wether Project" suggests that she uses the younger Winchester to rally for her cause.

Sam is seen telling a pleased Rowena, "I'll kill Crowley."

Meanwhile, an old friend and blood brother of Dean from his time in the purgatory, Benny (Ty Olsson), comes for a visit. He was last seen in the Season 8 episode, "Taxi Driver", wherein he was seen trying to ward off vampires in purgatory, so that Sam can escape. The scenery reminds one of purgatory, but whether Dean is making a visit to his old asylum or just having a dream of his purgatory buddy calling him "chief" like the old times, is not clear.

Many plot-lines in "The Werther Project" and the action-packed episodes of double takes and double crosses will take fans one step closer to finding out which afterlife scenario will Dean get stuck in. Considering the history of Winchester family sacrifices, another safe bet is that Sam would find a way to transfer the curse onto himself.

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Look out for Season 10 episode 19 of "Supernatural" on The CW at 9.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 22 April.