13 environmental activists of Plane Stupid broke into the Heathrow airport runaway after cutting through the fence on Monday.
13 environmental activists of Plane Stupid broke into the Heathrow airport runaway after cutting through the fence on Monday.Twitter/Plane Stupid

After a group of activists hoodwinked the Heathrow airport security and entered the runaway in the wee hours of Monday, there are fears being raised that even terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (Isis) could carry out an attack on the UK's busiest air terminal.

Thirteen climate change activists, from the direct action group, Plane Stupid, stormed the Heathrow Airport runway at around 3:30am (local time) on Monday to protest the proposed expansion plan of the airport, Sky News reported.

The activists, who locked themselves at the runaway, had to be forcefully removed by the police. The incident led to cancellation of 22 flights, while several flights were delayed. Seven British Airways flights from Heathrow were among those cancelled.

Scotland Yard confirmed to The Telegraph that six of the protesters were arrested under various sections of the Aviation Act offences.

The incident, however, has raised a major concern among security experts, who fear that terrorist groups could "easily" be able to carry out an attack on the airport. It is reported that the activists entered the Heathrow runaway after cutting through the airport's steel fences.

Azfal Ashraf, a consultant at the Royal United Services Institute, a defence and security think-tank told Express.Co.Uk the incident "does raise questions" about security at the airport.

"If a terrorist group came up to the fence it would take a few minutes to cut through. It's very easy to get to a fence before the police are able to react," Ashraf added.

Many even took to Twitter to criticise the local security at the Heathrow airport, especially as it took the personnel several hours to evacuate the protesters from the airport. And some of them even raised fears that militant outfits such as the Isis could storm the airport without much difficulty.

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Neil Parker Attorney ‏@neilparker6909 

@RTUKnews @RT_com At least they were not members of ISIS and came in peace !
Heathrow you have been thrown a security bone. Go eat it!

Tim ‏@TimUK11 

If eco-loons can get into Heathrow that easily imagine what ISIS could do..

Chris Thompson ‏@F1_CWT

Heathrow need to sort their bloody security out, next time it could be ISIS cutting through fencing and shooting down planes :/

george mulrooney ‏@maliceous 

"hello hello hello is that the Tory #Heathrow hijacking permit department..ISIS here, how much do you want"?

Gideon's Way ‏@gideonsway 

@LBC if they can got thru, others like the #mad #Nazi #ISIS #terrorists cud get thru .Whr is the security at #Heathrow #Airport NB #Tunisia

Clint ‏@ooberlostagain

Is it that easy to get on the runway at #Heathrow hope some of the uk based ISIS fans aren't watching the news this morning #whoops

Mr Plucky Stickz V8 ‏@STICKS090460

So a load of crusties can get onto a live runway at Heathrow. Great security lads. Imagine if it were a couple of reps from ISIS.