Madhubala is a name that makes you dream of an irreplaceable beauty and her unforgettable charisma has yet to be matched by anyone. Known as the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood, she carried certain vulnerability in her personality and enchanted the world with a spell.

Madhubala has enthralled the cinema lovers with her performance for many years through her blockbuster movies. Creating magic with her on-screen chemistry with the co-stars and adding reality to her roles, she became of the most-loved actresses of her time.

saira banu madhubala and dilip kumar

Though Madhubala delivered many romantic songs and graced the Bollywood with iconic love songs, in real life, she was not that blessed when it comes to love.

She was loved and adored by many but Madhubala never really enjoyed the marital bliss for long because of her sudden demise. Madhubala touched the hearts of her fans, but one thing she ached for till her last breath was the love of tragedy king of Bollywood, Dilip Kumar.

Madhubala-Dilip Kumar Tragic love story

madhubala and dilip kumar love story

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar's story is no less than a film script. They met on the sets of Tarana and fell in love. They went on to do three more movies together and amaze the audience with their oozing chemistry. As disclosed by Madhubala's sister, they dated for nine long years and were planning to get married.

Madhubala-Dilip Kumar's love story took a sour turn when Madhubala's father went against their relationship after a court case. Although as per Madhubala's sister, it wasn't her dad's disapproval but a court case that led to differences between the couple.

madhubala and dilip kumar love story

She disclosed that Dilip Kumar put his ego above his love and sided with the other party instead of Madhubala's family. Although Dilip Kumar revealed in his book 'Dilip Kumar: The Substance And The Shadow', that Madhubala's father was making a business deal out of their marriage and that's why he called off the wedding.

And just like that, trapped between the choices made by the two most important men in her life, Madhubala's heart was shattered. She was torn apart by the breakup and used to cry for hours.

madhubala and dilip kumar love story

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala moved on in their life and married different people. While Dilip Kumar got married to beautiful actress Saira Banu in 1966, Madhubala was married to the iconic singer Kishor Kumar.

Madhubala's illness and heartbreak

After getting married to Kishor Kumar, they flew to London where the doctor told her she had only two years to live. Kishor Kumar left Madhubala at her father's house as he couldn't be constantly available to take care of her. Madhubala who had a hole in her heart (ventricular septal defect), was in deep pain and was constantly asking the doctors to save her.

madhubala and dilip kumar love story

Her sister disclosed in an interview that, "She was confined to bed for nine years and was reduced to just bones and skin. She'd keep crying, 'Mujhe zinda rehna hai, mujhe marna nahin hai, doctor kab ilaaj nikalenge (I want to live, I don't want to die, wonder when the doctors will find a cure)."

While Madhubala was fighting the battle of life and death every day, Dilip Kumar never came to visit her in the hospital. "Though Bhaijan never visited her when she was unwell, he flew down from Madras to pay his last respects at the kabrastan (cemetery). Food was sent from his home to ours for three days (as is the custom)," said Madhur, Madhubala's sister.

Madhubala's last words on Dilip Kumar-Saira Banu marriage

Madhubala was deeply shaken like any other lover when Dilip Kumar got married to Saira Banu. While the world celebrated the union of this lovely couple, Madhubala was sad and she always loved him.

madhubala and dilip kumar love story

Recalling the incident, Madhur said, "I remember when Bhaijan married Saira Banu, Apa was sad because she loved him. She'd say, 'Unke naseeb mein woh (Saira Banu) thi, main nahin'."

madhubala and dilip kumar

"But she'd also say, 'He's got married to a very pretty girl. She's so devoted. I'm very happy for him'. But a vacuum remained in her heart," she added.

Madhubala died in 1969 at the tender age of 36. She is one of the superstars who have gone too soon from this world. A few years back her tomb was demolished as it was in a Wahabi (a Muslim sect that doesn't allow the building of tombs) cemetery. And in the blink of an eye, her memory was wiped.