Deaf Baby
Deaf Baby Smiles after hearing Parents' voice for the first timeScreenshot/Youtube

A seven-week-old Australian baby, who was born deaf, heard his parents' voice for the first time after he got hearing aid fitted.

Baby Lachlan, son of Victorian couple Michelle and Toby Lever, was diagnosed of having severe hearing loss in both ears. The father captured the moment of his son's first hearing experience in a video in 2012, which was uploaded by the mother recently.

According to the video, Lachlan was uncomfortable and irritated in the beginning as he seemed not to like the hearing aid. But when it was put on, the baby could hear the voices around him. He stopped crying and was delighted to experience his first listening ability.  

Deaf Baby
Lachlan Lever crying when he was made to wear the hearing aidScreenshot/Youtube

The people in that room, especially Lachlan's parents got emotional when they saw the little baby smiling to hear their voices. Michelle said, "When they turned the headphones on and Lachlan smiled and his face lit up, it was the most magical thing I'd ever seen in my life,' reports Mail Online.

Michelle is delighted to see that her baby's video has gone viral and has millions of viewers on YouTube. "I went to bed on Saturday with six thousand likes and when I woke up on Sunday there were 40 thousand!" she said, reports Mail Online.

"It's such a happy, special moment. My baby's world just opened up, it was so emotional. Now that it's gone viral I'm reliving that moment all over again," she added.

Presently, Lachlan is two years and doing quite well in his life. His mother says he gets new molds for the hearing aids every three months, according to Daily News. The doctors were unable to detect the actual cause of her child's hearing problem.

Lachlan has two elder sisters who have no such hearing issues in the family and they believe the baby boy is an inspiration to their whole family.

Watch the Viral video of the adorable baby: