Regular intake of yogurt helps in boosting your health in many ways.kanenas.net/Flickr

Yogurt, which is produced by fermentation of milk by bacteria, has got many benefits. If consumed on a regular basis, it will help in improving your health as well as beautify you naturally. Apart from being a great source of multivitamin, it can also be used to nourish your hair if used as a hair mask.

Here are a few benefits of this health boosting dairy product:

A rich source of calcium and vitamin D:

Yogurt is a good source of calcium which aids in strengthening your bones and teeth. The vitamin D present in curd helps your body in calcium absorption. It is very vital for patients suffering from osteoporosis bone disease, it helps in slowing the impact of this ailment and prevents fractures.

It's a source of HDL or good cholesterol:

Yogurt contains HDL or good cholesterol which aids your heart. It is also said to have a bad cholesterol-lowering capacity which aids in bettering the heart health.

Loaded with milk proteins

Yogurt is loaded with milk proteins which are very crucial for the body.  It is well absorbed by the body and also aids in preventing and treating various ailments.

Enhances skin texture

Regular intake of yogurt is said to aid you in numerous ways, one of which is enhancing the skin texture. Consume yogurt with honey regularly and get blemish-free skin. Yogurt also has a acne-combating ability.

Lowers blood pressure

Yogurt consumption on a regular basis helps in lowering the risks of getting high blood pressure. If high BP is not controlled, it leads to various diseases in the heart, kidney and even blindness.

Betters the digestion

Yogurt is made using good bacteria which are very beneficial for our health. These good bacteria are good for our digestive tract and they also help in improving the function of our stomach.