Most people are still unaware of the availability of affordable generic medicines and often go for highly priced alternatives. This eventually keeps most patients deprived of proper treatment. To put an end to this situation, health app 1mg has launched an awareness campaign on cheaper cancer medication.

The campaign, dubbed "Jaankari Hai To Jaan Hai", was launched in New Delhi during the Youth Awareness Day organised by Yoddhas, an NGO that helps cancer patients. 

"Healthcare is a costly affair at this point of time," said 1mg founder Prashant Tandon, "However, in various instances, a 'well- informed' customer can massively cut down (up to 80 percent) the treatment cost by choosing cheaper generic substitutes. With the awareness campaign, our objective is to encourage positive changes by bringing power of information to our users."

"This initiative is a vital element of our core idea and along with other such campaigns, we will continue to reach out to people at a large scale through our online platforms," he added.

The campaign stresses on the importance of information about all aspects of cancer to minimise the suffering of patients and their caregivers.