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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has targeted Darshan and Yash, who have extended their support to Sumalatha in the upcoming Lok Sabha election from the Mandya constituency.

"This pair of bullock is not meant for ploughing the field but to raid farmers' crops. What do they know about the difficulties of farming?" the Karnataka Chief Minister slammed the actors, who recently promised to work like a pair of oxen to ensure Sumalatha's victory.

HD Kumaraswamy said that the stars did not turn up to help the farmers in distress nor responded to any of the people's troubles. "Where were these stars when Mandya witnessed tragedies? Did they give their shoulders to the families of those who died in the bus accident? It was our CS Puttaraju who was with the people during the crisis," he points out.

Taking directly on Darshan, the Chief Minister stated that he can only play the hero role in movies and not in real life. "There is a video circulating on WhatsApp about his comments about people of Mandya. It is below my dignity to talk about the words mentioned in the clip. If the people listen to it, they will not let him enter Mandya," he added.

Sumalatha, the wife of late actor-politician Ambareesh, is contesting as an independent candidate from the Mandya constituency after the Congress party failed to give her the ticket due to seating-arrangement with its coalition partner, JD(S).

As Mandya is a stronghold of JD(S), the party was not willing to give away the seat to Congress. It forced Sumalatha to file her nomination as an independent candidate.

Yash with Sumalatha and Darshan
Yash with Sumalatha and DarshanTwitter

HD Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil Gowda is contesting against her. However, a section of Sandalwood and the BJP have extended its support to Sumalatha.