Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon to Appear in Limited TV Series
Reese Witherspoon and Nicole KidmanReuters

February will witness a number of miniseries and seasonal TV series making a debut on television. On one side, a number of spin-offs like 24 Legacy and The Good Fight are releasing on the small screen and on the other hand, shows like Powerless and Legion are making their way onto the television. Amidst this all, a limited TV series starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies, is debuting on HBO.

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Though the show is a seven episode long series, the makers – Witherspoon and Kidman – wanted the book to be adapted as a movie initially. "For a minute we looked it as a film. But it needs the time to do justice to the five women. We wanted the storylines to be evocative. We wanted them to be properly dealt with, and to squeeze it into two hours would have been tough," Kidman was quoted as saying in Variety.

After reading the book, an interested Witherspoon approached Kidman to join her for making the show. Kidman accepted and pitched in to secure the rights. "I promise we'll get it made, and Reese and I will be in it," Kidman told the author. In 18 months that followed, the series was in production.

For fans who are interested in watching it, the makers have made it clear that the show will see only one season and it will conclude with a closed ending. Airing on HBO, the show adds star power the channel since the channel already has airs Jude Law's The Young Pope.

While the Big Little Lies plotline reveals basic details that it is a mystery story revolving around a murder and finding out who's the murderer, Witherspoon shares that there is more to it. "Murder is just a hair's breadth away for some of these people," shared Witherspoon. The show will delve into darker subjects like bullying, infidelity, physical abuse. The show will feature seven episodes (which the makers are calling as hours), all directed by Wild maker, Jean-Marc Vallée. The episodes have been penned down by David E Kelley. The show also features Fault in our Stars actress Shailene Woodley.

The show premieres on February 19, Sunday, at 9/8c on HBO. You can watch the trailers here: