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Kit Harington as Jon SnowFacebook/ Game of Thrones

Is a "Game of Thrones" spin-off series, centred around Jon Snow, in the works at HBO? With the popular HBO fantasy drama expected to end with Season 8, several rumours around prequels and spin-off series have been floating online.

On Sunday, the Daily Star claimed that a senior executive at HBO divulged to them that "exploratory talks" have taken place with Kit Harington regarding a Game of Thrones spin-off show centred around his character, Jon Snow.

"Any spin-off built around Jon Snow, who is hugely popular with fans, would also undoubtedly involve other characters from the cast," the source told them. "When the seventh season wraps next year, it's going to be a case of figuring out who we want to join us for a new show and which of those cast members actually want to jump on board."

However, Entertainment Weekly soon posted a follow up report stating, "Reps for the show and actor say there is zero truth to this." While this may pretty much clear the matter up as of now, the likelihood of a spin-off series is still quite strong. Maybe the team doesn't want to jump the gun. After all, everyone associated with the show did say that Jon Snow is really dead and look how that turned out.

According to, just last month, HBO's programming president Michael Lombardo said the cable network had no plans for any Game of Thrones spin-offs; however, he is open to the possibility if there is a "strong creative vision" to justify one.