HBO is reportedly investigating the hacking of its various social media accounts, including the official Facebook and Twitter accounts. The accounts were hacked by a hacker squad called OurMine Security Group on Wednesday, August 17.

The hacker squad left few messages on all the hacked social media pages of Time Warner-owned premium cable network. "Hi, OurMine are here, we are just testing your security. HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security - ourmine .org -> Contact," read the messages.

The giant cable and satellite television network managed to regain control of its accounts just 40 minutes after it was hacked and the posts from the hackers were immediately removed from the pages.

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 LEAKED online after HBO Spain aired full episode by mistake

cyber attack
The economic loss from a massive global cyber-attack could be on par with the cost incurred by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.Creative Commons

In addition to the official Twitter and Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts of several popular HBO series including, Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Veep, Vinyl and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, were also hacked by the group.

OurMine is popularly known for hacking Twitter accounts of various media firms, including Marvel and Netflix. The hacker squad just demonstrates their abilities and does not really damage anything, reported Variety.

Some of the accounts hacked by OurMine in last couple of years include Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg.

Game of Thrones s07e06 leaked online
A user shared an image from Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 aired by HBO SpainReddit

Meanwhile, the representatives of HBO are yet to release an official statement about the recent cyber attack. "We are Investigating," a spokesperson told NBC News.

HBO is already dealing with a serious of cyber attacks that resulted in the leak of 1.5 TB of data in July. Along with company documents, Game Of Thrones script and unbroadcast episodes of several popular shows including, Insecure and Curb Your Enthusiasm, were leaked online, according to a BBC report.