Hay Day, the freemium farming game from Supercell, received a new update that introduces Derby Leagues, new Derby improvements, new pet, Fall Theme and more. The update is already live on iPhone and Android platforms.

The Derby Leagues players will have to stay within the top 3 of the league. These races will fetch players with higher rewards than expected. It will also be including a special Champion League.

The update will add a new horse as pet named Lipizzaner and one more stable will be added to the game.

Apart from these, the game will see bug fixes and changes, support to Arabic language and new decorations.

Below are the patch notes of the new update as revealed in Supercell Forum:

Derby Leagues

  • During the next derby race, place in the top 3 and progress to the next league! But collaborate with your neighborhood to stay out of the bottom 3, otherwise you'll drop a league.
  • More horseshoes, more tasks and more trophy rewards await those in higher leagues!
  • You can now opt out of the next Derby if you'd like, but remember to opt back in afterwards!
  • Leaders and co-leaders can now choose to show all members' Derby points!
  • Many new exclusive decorations as Derby rewards!
  • Coming soon: stay tuned for a very special Champion League

Community requested Features:

  • New horse pet: Lipizzaner. Welcome this white beauty to your farm. (Unlocked at Level 47 and will cost 30 blue, 20 purple and 10 gold vouchers)
  • One additional Horse Stable (Unlocked at Level 47)
  • Bush placement: when planting several bushes in a row, the game will now remember your orientation choice.
  • Town Hall visitor list: improved sorting order.


  • The Fall theme has arrived to Hay Day.
  • New decorations in the shop.
  • Updated soup kitchen visuals.
  • Arabic support added.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks.
Hay Day

Following the update, Supercell went into maintenance for a short time and added the following fixes to Hay Day game:

  • One more horse stable from level 47 (so you can buy all horses)
  • No more disconnects when watching movies
  • Default setting for shared neighborhood task log is OFF

It also noted that it was aware of the iOS5.x issues and problems with shuffling Derby rewards. It said it was investigating it and will resolve it at the earliest.

Later, Supercell released an optional update (v1.26.111) for Hay Day that promised fix to the crash issues in iOS5.x and it will also be fixing the Derby Reward Shuffle issue on both iOS and Android platforms.

This was followed by a quick maintenance to "fix the Help Request issues, and the Opt in/out for the next (!) Derby"

Apart from these, Hay Day players need to check the official posts regularly since Supercell announced a "Special Event - 24 hour Visitor Event," where the visitors can be rewarded 2x coins.

It also mentioned a new Truck Event in Hay Day game.