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"Hay Day" is the freemium mobile farming game from "Clash of Clans" developer Supercell, which has revealed that the game would be getting a huge new update some time soon.

The update is expected to be big as the company has revealed some of the new items that would be part of the new update via sneak peek posts.

Here are the new items that Supercell has revealed for new "Hay Day" update:

Sneak Peek #1: New trees

Players will be able to grow new Orange and Peach trees. The Orange tree has been one of the most requested trees, according to Forum post.

The Forum post also hinted at new unlock levels rolling out for the game.

Sneak Peek #2: Neighbourhood Trading

Players will be able to tap on a new neighbourhood birdhouse to request crops and products and they do not have to worry about others "snatching" them away.

Players will be able to help their neighbourhood friends with the requests, earn XP and gain access to neighbourhood titles to show off (this will be refreshed on a weekly basis).

Players will also be able to unlock visual improvements to their neighbourhood area by completing new Neighbourhood Trading achievements.

However the new feature has a note that says players will be able to trade only those stuff that Tom gets and there will be no upgrade or expansion materials.

Sneak Peek #3: Plant Onions and Tea leaves

Players will be able to unlock onion at Level 68 and tea leaves at Level 80.

Sneak Peek #4: New machines â€“ Tea Stand and Taco Kitchen

Players will be able to brew teas at the Tea Stand and they will be able to create original dishes in the Taco Kitchen.

The Taco Kitchen can be unlocked from Level 77 and costs 700,000 gold coins. The Tea Stand can be unlocked from Level 80 and it costs 750,000 gold coins.

This means that the game will include Taco as a product and new Tea brews.

Sneak Peek #5: 23 new products

The Forum posts lists 23 new products that the game will get for both new machines and those that are already present. Here is the full list:

  • Grilled Onion – Unlocks at Level 68
  • Onion Dog – Unlocks at Level 80
  • Orange Sorbet – Unlocks at Level 78
  • Peach Ice Cream – Unlocks at Level 83
  • Marmalade – Unlocks at Level 74
  • Peach Jam – Unlocks at Level 79
  • Orange Juice – Unlocks at Level 71
  • Peach Tart – Unlocks at Level 76
  • Fruit Salad – Unlocks at Level 82
  • Summer Salad – Unlocks at Level 84
  • Salsa – Unlocks at Level 77
  • Mixed Smoothie – Unlocks at Level 88
  • Onion Soup – Unlocks at Level 72
  • Taco – Unlocks at Level 77
  • Fish Taco – Unlocks at Level 79
  • Quesadilla – Unlocks at Level 82
  • Nachos – Unlocks at Level 87
  • Green Tea – Unlocks at Level 80
  • Milk Tea – Unlocks at Level 81
  • Honey Tea – Unlocks at Level 83
  • Lemon Tea – Unlocks at Level 86
  • Orange Tea – Unlocks at Level 89
  • Iced Tea – Unlocks at Level 92

Supercell also went on to say that this will be the first time that it would be releasing so many products in one update.

Meanwhile, Supercell also conducted a Reddit AMAsession with fans, where they clarified several points. Here are some of the points from the session:

  • Though the company has been thinking of having different symbols for newspaper advertisement that says a particular farm needs help. It has no immediate plans to implement one such feature that would have otherwise reduced wastage of time.
  • There will be a special event decoration and some other decorations that will not be available in the "conventional" way. It asked fans to "stay tuned."
  • No plans to add more new jewellery.
  • No plans to add a feature that would let players take people (neighbours and other friends) out of the city.
  • No plans to add in-game messaging system for neighbourhoods
  • The upcoming update is geared towards the high level players! Most of the new features etc. are unlocked at higher levels.
  • There will also be something new for the Derby, but there will be no new Derby prizes
  • No plans to implement search for farms who are not on Facebook or in the neighbourhood.
  • Currently has no plans to bring out universal apps for Windows 10, Xbox and HoloLens.
  • There will be new decos that are not found in the shop.