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Jeremy Renner's future in the MCU continues to be in jeopardy as the actor's legal battle with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco remains to be an ongoing yet to be determined situation. But fans, on the other hand, are currently puzzled over the future of Marvel's Hawkeye and what could happen to the character's planned Disney plus series.

The accusations from Renner's ex-wife stated that he threatened to kill her and himself when intoxicated on coke and also leaving illegal substances within the reach of their daughter, Ava. But since then, The 48-year-old actor also fired back with claims in TMZ's latest update that Sonni Pacheco had her own drug problems and has also shared his nudes without consent.

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Marvel Studios is yet to comment on the allegations aimed at Renner. But a new rumor suggests the studio is already working on a contingency plan, a possible recasting. According to ace-scooper, Daniel Richtman, known for his credible Marvel reports and insights - states, "Just heard something. Heard Marvel is considering some options. just in case they'll decide not to use Renner for the Hawkeye show." You can check out the tweet below.

A report from We Got This Covered also states that multiple sources have revealed that the studio is "considering" recasting but no decision has been made yet. It seems the studio is currently exploring its option in case the allegations on Renner turn out to be true. If so, instead of a series' cancellation, fans might see a new actor don as Hawkeye for the Disney plus series.

The Hawkeye series will see Renner play as Clint Barton one more time. The show will see him pass on his persona to Kate Bishop, a core character for the Young Avengers. The series which is expected to be like a mini Marvel movie has the studio reportedly spending as much as $25 million per episode and will result in a total of $200 million. Hawkeye will stream exclusively on Disney plus in Fall 2021.