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Season 6 episode 3 of CBS' crime drama "Hawaii Five-O" ended on a sad note when Steve McGarrett decided to drop his plans to propose to Catherine when she decided to take up yet another top secret project.

The episode started on a positive note with McGarrett and Catherine in bed, and the later offering to make him breakfast. Although McGarrett hears her talking to someone discreetly in another language, alarm bells do not go off, and he sticks to his plans to propose to her as soon as he got the ring.

However, when he gets back home, he sees Catherine with her bags packed and she informs him that she is off to Nepal and that she does not know when she will return. Catherine also tells him that she wants more than what the relationship offers.

As she is driven away, a crying Catherine makes a call on a secure line and tells someone that McGarrett did not question her cover.

It doesn't look like the series is done with the McGarrett-Catherine storyline, as showrunner Peter M. Lenkov said in an interview with TVLine that the show will soon introduce a Valentine's Day special that will be all about relationships.

"We're going to do a Valentine's Day episode, where everybody's love life goes to the s—ter on that day!" the showrunner said.

Meanwhile, Friday's episode will see the team investigating the death of a wealthy person who was found with fake bills amounting to nearly one million. The episode is entitled "Ka Papahana Holo Pono" translated as "Best Laid Plans".

The synopsis reads:

"Five-0 investigates the death of a wealthy recluse who is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Meanwhile, Adam is kidnapped by the yakuza and is forced to torture one of Gabriel's men.

Watch the episode live on CBS at 9 pm EDT. The fourth episode of the season can also be watched online via CBS All Access.