Hawaii Five-0
Season 6 finale of Reuters

Season 6 of CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" saw Alex O'Loughlin's Steve McGarrett nearly losing his life after he was shot while being undercover as a drug runner. Although McGarrett's best friend and partner Danny was able to save his life by donating his liver, the events of the Season 6 finale will cause McGarrett to pause and look at where his life is heading.

The next season will see McGarrett still in recovery mode, and speculations are rife that he will be taking a break from his dangerous job to reflect on his legacy. But showrunner Peter M Lenkov revealed during a recent Twitter chat that McGarrett is still a SEAL.

Elaborating on McGarrett's emotional state in Season 7, the showrunner told Entertainment Weekly that McGarrett's near-death experience is what causes him to re-evaluate the choices he made. McGarrett will reflect on his life and look for compelling reasons to continue doing what he is currently doing. "That's going to play a little bit of a theme next year. McGarrett may be being a little more aware of his mortality, and also his legacy of what am I going to leave behind?" Lenkov said.

In a recent interaction with fans on Twitter, Lenkov also revealed that Danny and McGarrett will have many conversations regarding the liver transplant. Besides bringing the duo closer, it will also cause a lot of fighting between the partners.

"I love the idea that McGarrett is going to abuse that organ, because McGarrett is a person who abuses himself and puts his life in danger all the time. Danny is going to resent the fact that he saved his life because of that. These guys are blood brothers, but now literally they are," Lenkov told EW.

"Hawaii Five-0" will return to CBS in the fall. The next season will see Kono and Adam reuniting and Chin and Abby living together, and Chin probably considering formally adopting Sara.