The upcoming episode of "Hawaii Five-0" will see Steve McGarrett trying to get over his failed relationship with Catherine by going on a date with the free-spirited Lynn.

"McGarrett's sort of going through a whole new revival. He's dating again, discovering who he is, what he wants," Alex O'Loughlin, who plays the Navy SEAL, told ETOnline.

Sarah Carter plays Lynn, and according to the actress, the two will form an interesting bond that's worth exploring. "He's pretty shut down when she comes into the scene. It's one of those moments where he sees her, and we'll see what happens down the road, but it looks pretty promising," said Carter.

However, their date will take a turn for the worse when they realise a mob boss is hiding out in the deserted island. "He gets to show off all his Navy SEAL skills and she's impressed," said Carter, raising hopes that there will be a second date for the two.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov had earlier teased the McGarrett-Lynn romance in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying: "You may have heard Sarah Carter is coming in as Lynn, a nature-lover with whom McGarrett goes on a wild adventure. Let's just say it's going to be a busy fall for our head of Five-0."

The official synopsis for the episode reads:

McGarrett's first date with Lynn (Sarah Carter) on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down in order to keep his location a secret. Also, Chin, Kono and Grover must race against the game clock to locate the father of a high school football star who will be murdered by a local gambler if his son doesn't throw the big game.

"Hawaii Five-0" will air at 9 pm ET on CBS. Viewers can also watch the episode via CBS All Access.