Gay marriage
Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage in all 50 States of USReuters

Friday, 26 June, was a historic day for LGBT activists in the US, as the Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage in all 50 states of the country.

To celebrate the victory of the LGBT community, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg soon introduced the "Celebrate Pride" tool, which changes the profile photo of an user with a rainbow filter. Following this, the site was flooded with rainbow-coloured profile photos.

Even though the tool was introduced to allow social media users show their support to the cause, many misunderstood the ones with rainbow profile photos as gays, especially in India, a country that doesn't support same-sex marriages.

Sanjana ‏

Someone has used the rainbow filter on their profile picture. Comment: lmao, dude that's so gay man. No hope for India, sometimes.

Following this, some supporters were even forced to change their rainbow profile photos so that their "family is not ashamed to have a gay member".

Aishee Ganguly

I will NOT put up a rainbow DP to support the legalization of gay rights! Because in India, if parents find out that their son is gay or the daughter is in love with her female roommate, they would not think twice before turning them out forever.Thank you, USA, for finally understanding that homosexuals are human beings as well. And India, you continue with your nonsense.

While the support of many Hollywood celebs was well received by their fans, some of the celebrities in India were attacked on social media for expressing their support on the matter, as it is said to be against the Indian culture.

Ravi Shankar ‏

Indian government must ask Facebook to block gay rights rainbow flag in India...unmatched to Bhartiya culture

Swapnil Lal ‏

Of all the ppl posting their pix with rainbow colors...thinkin its cool to do on social..wonder hw many will support it in India in person!

VT Balram supports LGBT community and prostitutes.
VT Balram supports LGBT community and prostitutes.VT Balram/Facebook

MLA VT Balram from Kerala was among the few people who expressed their solidarity on legalisation of gay marriages in the US. However, he was attacked by many after posting his rainbow filter photo with the caption "I support LGBT rights".

"Are you not ashamed to support something, which is against the laws of nature?" asked a social media user.

To another netizen's statement, "If this is the case, you can also start supporting the prostitutes," the MLA strongly responded that he supports them as well.  

Deepak Ahuja

Am i also supposed to rainbow-fy my profile picture? India is no where near to support LGBT rights. Not sure if i have to #celebratepride.

Meanwhile, it has to be noted that there were many who changed their profile picture using the "Celebrate Pride" tool, thinking rainbow filters are the new trend on social media. A few were even seen posting photos with their partners with captions like "You have made my life beautiful and colourful".