Bhairavi Goswami
Bhairavi Goswami

Casting couch and sexual harassment are words associated with the Indian film industry for a very long time. Many celebrities have come forward to talk about the horrifying experience they faced during struggling days.

However, the Hate Story star Bhairavi Goswami has lashed out at the actresses who choose to slip into the beds of producers and years later claim they were molested.

Bhairavi Goswami, who earlier body-shamed actress Kriti Sanon for her Instagram video and called her "a deranged woman," has now accused actresses in the industry of using social media as a platform to get famous by speaking about being harassed or molested in the workplace.

"It's interesting 2note actresses sleep 2get wrk(let's nt deny that), get famous then say they were molested 10yrs ago. Women hv frgtn smthg called POLICE. But tdy social media, trial by media is the new police & law so yeah bandwidth is falling short, [sic]" Bhairavi wrote on Twitter.

Her tweets were in response to Hollywood actress Paget Brewster, who expressed her views on the recent case of Harvey Weinstein on Twitter.

The film producer has been accused of sexually harassing actresses as well as former and current employees for decades.

Hollywood actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosanna Arquette and Angelina Jolie recently came out in public to accuse Weinstein of casting couch abuses during the initial stages of their acting career.

They spoke at length about the alleged sexual harassment at the hands of the producer and how it traumatised them.