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Are you one of those people for whom Mathematics is something nightmares are made of? If yes, this amazing teacher might just be your saviour. And the best part is, you can learn the subject from him in the comforts of your home, thanks to his YouTube channel, WooTube.

Not everyone is fond of Mathematics. While some find it a bit too complicated to comprehend – finding the value of x and y can be a pain – others just find it plain boring. But Eddie Woo, a teacher at the Sydney Cherrybrook Technology High School in Australia, might just change your opinion about the subject.

WooTube, the brainchild of Woo, has over 45,000 subscribers and almost 4 million views and through the channel, the 31-year-old maths teacher intends to create an interest in the subject.

Woo, in fact, started the channel four years ago for a very heart-touching reason. One of his students had been missing school very often after he was diagnosed with cancer. To help the student catch up with the lessons, Woo started filming his classes with a smartphone. Now he is a YouTube star and says people even request for selfies with him, which he finds very surprising.

"I'm not like Niall from One ­Direction or something like that. I'm just a maths teacher but I think it speaks to how wide this has gone, and how many people are finding use out of it. It is helping them revise things they've learned in the past and to attempt courses they may not have been confident to do before," he told The Australian.

Eddie Woo
Eddie WooTwitter/Eddie Woo

While students might spend hours poring over their books, trying to solve Mathematical questions, Woo's videos explain algebra, calculus and trigonometric equations through clips broken into seven-eight minutes each.

While Woo's videos have been doing extremely well, he believes that nothing can really replace classroom teaching and such videos are only an additional way of adding a fun element to the process.

Born to Chinese-Malay parents in Australia, Woo was brought up in the country and attended a government-run school. "Growing up, I was given a world-class education for free," he says in one video. "And now through the wonder of the internet, I want to share that with you too. So I hope you find these videos helpful. Consider subscribing and happy learning," he explains in one of the videos.

Meanwhile, YouTube is flooded with channels that help students understand and learn Maths in an easier way. MathHelp is one of the popular channels with about 140,000 subscribers. The channel gives viewers lessons on topics such as algebra, integers, percentages, and trigonometry, to name a few.

Another such portal is tecmath, which teaches basics such as converting decimals to fractions as well as advanced mathematics including algebra and geometry.

Check out one of Eddie Woo's videos here: