Hasnain Khan
Hasnain KhanPR Handout

It is often said there is no success until there is no struggle. Here is one such story of yet another young boy Hasnain Khan, only 23 years of age, who has already made his name in the internet world. He is a rising star and is already trending in the virtual space.

Hasnain is a famous Tik Toker star, who at a very young age has already garnered a fan base of more than 10.6 million followers. He also has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Just as any other middle-class background boy, he too has gone through struggles to get where he is today. Hasnain would have never thought even in his wildest dreams about the success he has got today in such a short span of time.

Hasnain uploaded his first post on Instagram in 2015 and by September 2016, he already had 500k followers. What is this rabid fan following? It sure must be giving Hasnain a different high in his work.

He graduated from Rizvi College, grown up in the bylanes of Mumbai and now became a star on the Internet. His parents always told him to keep the focus on studies first, but little did they know that their son was already a sensation on the Internet.

The Internet can change lives, and Hasnain is the perfect example of it. He has the talent and Internet has allowed him to be in the front, showing the world what he is and what he can be.