Hasan Suroor, a 65-year old prominent Indian-British journalist has been arrested by the police in UK after he was caught on a sting video soliciting 'sex with a 14-year-old'.

The video of the incident, posted online by an anti-paedophile group called Unknown TV, shows Hasan Suroor admitting to having had conversations of a sexual nature with a minor.

He reportedly even travelled to meet the person, who he thought was the 14-year-old. That was when he was arrested.

A spokesman for British Transport Police told HuffPost India that Suroor travelled from Sloane Avenue, Kensington and Chelsea to meet the minor, after grooming the child online for sex on 9 November.

While Suroor did not have sex with the minor, the anti-paedophile group has alleged that they have proof that the prominent Indian journalist was planning to have sex with the child.

Suroor, is a well-known columnist and commentator, who has written for The Hindu, The Guardian, and The Indian Express. 

Some tweets suggested that after the expose, The Hindu reportedly removed all articles by Suroor.

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A millionaire by the name of Hassan Suroor professional journalist for the Guardian newspaper and also own his own newspaper and his own television network in india he is 65 years of age from Chelsea meeting a 14 year year old child for sex at Deptford Bridge DLR wrong he met #UnknownTV

Posted by Unknown TV on Tuesday, 10 November 2015