Listing beef as an iron-rich source of food in a Haryana government education magazine has cost its editor her job. 

Deviyani Singh, editor of Shiksha Saarthi, a monthly magazine published by Haryana's school education department, was sacked after an article published in the September issue listed beef as an 'enhancer' that 'directly affects absorption of iron' in the body. 

The article, titled 'Iron-Vital for strength' mentioned beef, veal, and pork as 'foods which are categorised under enhancers and inhibitors, which directly affect the absorption of iron', according to reports. 

Given that beef is banned in Haryana, the magazine was recalled from schools and the editor sacked even though she reportedly said that the article was based on scientific reports. The online edition of the article was also pulled down. 

"We said that it should not have been published in the Haryana magazine. We have removed the Editor of the magazine," Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma was quoted saying by the Press Trust of India. 

It is pertinent here that Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar had recently said in an interview that Muslims have to give up eating beef if they want to stay in the country. 

While he later claimed that he was misquoted, The Indian Express published an audio of the CM making the controversial statement.