A man allegedly killed his teenage daughter in Haryana's Sonepat district and surrendered before the police on Friday.

The enraged father of an 18-year-old girl studying in 12th grade purportedly strangled his daughter with a dupatta after all his attempts to persuade her to give up marrying the boy she loved had failed, police said on Saturday.

Police said that Brajesh Singh of Sonepat, who works as a security guard at a factory, turned himself to the police on Friday.

"We registered a case on the complaint of the victim's mother," PTI quoted the Sonepat SP Arun Nehra as saying.

"She told us that there used to be altercations between her husband and daughter on many occasions in the past," he said.

According to the police, Singh took this extreme step after his young daughter was reluctant to give up marrying a boy of the same district, who her mother said was much older in age and not suitable for their girl.

In the incident that seems like a case of honor killing, the victim, whose name has not yet been disclosed, had apparently fallen in love with a boy of the same village and was adamant on her decision of marrying him.

Singh told the police that he repeatedly tried to convince his daughter but she absolutely refused to listen to them, which in turn left him with no other option and finally he had to kill her in aggravation.

The mother said that they were completely against her decision of marrying that guy and even had to stop her from going to school midway, fearing she would run away with him.

Honour killings have been the most reported in the northern region of the country, including Rajasthan, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab and Haryana being at the top of all.