Harshita Vaishav
Harshita VaishnavPR Handout

At some point in time we all drool over celebrities and start showing our fan love for them and appreciate their work in many ways but often the entourage behind them is neglected and they loose their hands from people's appreciation. But, AspiringShe Awards 2019 took an initiative to honour the hard work of Showbiz's well recognized publicist, Harshita Vaishnav by awarding her the best PR trophy.

Harshita has been behind the digital public relations and into full fledged PR for Prince-Yuvika's wedding, Siddharth Sharma, Naveen Pandita, Deepshikha Deshmukh, celebrity makeup artists:= like Vardan Nayak, Adrian Jacobs, etc as well celebrity hairstylists like Aasif Ahmed, Amit Thakur to name a few.

Expressing joy at receiving the honour, she said, "Celebrities get the name and fame, in fact these days their makeup artists, hair stylists, costume designers get the credits on social media but as PRs there is no such recognition. I feel immensely proud and happy on receiving this award in the women's day week. It's a baby step towards the bigger picture, according to me."

Harshita, who recently did PR work for Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards also added, "I would say just believe in yourself and your karma. Whatever you do no matter good or bad comes back to you. So keep doing good and keep getting the best."