Harshdeep Ahuja
Harshdeep Ahuja

Ever wondered how can an engineer be a Vine/Video maker on YouTube? Well, Harshdeep Ahuja proved that creativity sans borders. Yes, he is a young YouTuber who is making storm on Internet with his super fantastic videos. Harshdeep is not only a perfect combination but a right ingredient to be viral hit on YouTube.

Amidst the infinite video makers on YouTube, Harshdeep has created his own mark and is perfectly moving towards his destination.

Presently Harshdeep has 661k Subscribers on his channel and is moving ahead winning the hearts of million people. Harshdeep is certainly a blend of intelligence, creativity as well as humor which refreshes one's mind at ease.

Harshdeep was an average student during his schooling. He did his schooling from Adarsh Public School Vikaspuri and did his engineering from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, IP University Delhi. He got placed in an IT company in year 2013.

Once he suffered from Jaundice and was resting at home. Due to boredom, he just for the sake of entertainment posted a video on his Facebook page. It got viral in no time. Many appreciated his video. His friends told him to post the video on various social media platforms. Thus, Harshdeep created a Facebook page. He posted his first vine in February 2016.

Meanwhile, he had to go to the US for some office work but due to some reason, his visa got rejected. Harshdeep was sad and disheartened but didn't stop making and posting videos. In the month of August, 2016 Harshdeep made a video on Private Job Interview v/s Government Job Interview which was a big hit on the Internet and made him a star overnight. Then on October 2016, Harshdeep created his own YouTube channel which right now gained thousands of subscribers.

Prior his parents were not supportive. They used to think, video making is a waste of money as well as energy and there is nothing in it like a career. But when his videos started getting good responses from the audience and got recognition, they understood it. In fact, the situation now is every video undergo his parent's approval and then it is posted. Wow, really parents are the best critics as well as motivators for children's, right?

Talking about his videos, Harshdeep creates all his videos in simple Punjabi language which is easily understood. The knack of Punjabi slang attracts most people like Punjabi songs becoming famous. Harshdeep believes the genre of Punjabi outlines uniqueness. He thinks, his expressions are his USP and he always plays with expression along with sound effects which is pretty rare seen in YouTube videos and makes him different from other Viners.

Harshdeep solely plays all the characters of his videos and audiences also love his versatility.

He gets the video ideas from his father. His father tells him old jokes and Harshdeep recreates the old jokes and presents in front of audiences which are highly applauded. Next he gets ideas from real life situations and conversations happen in family.

Harshdeep loves watching "BB Ki Vines". He is self-competitor and doesn't compete with anybody. His posts get viral very soon as soon as he uploads them. Well, what's the secret behind?

Best wishes Harshdeep Ahuja. Keep making videos and spread happiness & laughter all over!

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