Harsh Joshi

Harsh Joshi is a digital marketer and personal brand consultant based in Mumbai. He is currently the director of Ernstaa Technologies, which has made a name for itself in the digital space, offering app development, web development, artificial intelligence, creative work, and digital marketing.

The 25-year-old digital marketer understands exactly what helps budding entrepreneurs to make better decisions in their journey. "The capacity to success lies in how much strength and courage your dreams hold when your eyes are open," he says.

His new book, 'The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur,' aims to teach new and upcoming entrepreneurs how to tackle the challenges and their attitude while facing them. It reveals how they think, conduct, and just what it is that they excel in.

This book is mainly action-oriented as successful entrepreneurs of today's times. Each chapter is designed to provide you with actionable ideas that you can use right away, even if your situation is uncertain.

The principles are presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, the author claims. Learning to minimize complexity so that your coworkers can act with confidence is an essential component of becoming an entrepreneurial leader, he claims.

The book aids in the resolution of existing challenges and the filling of market gaps by proposing solutions. According to him, To succeed, one must be positive while working hard and smart. The book has insights that can help people with various issues; if you develop and implement an entrepreneurial mindset, which is a style of thinking about your business that incorporates the benefits of uncertainty, you can gain from it.

In his book, He also educates the younger generation about his experiences and makes them learn from them. He claims entrepreneurship is a skill that allows you to generate money and will enable others to learn from you.

The book also covers themes such as how to stand out from the competition and effectively manage a budget. He has also worked worldwide and is familiar with the complexities of doing business in other countries, which is why he has included information on establishing a new firm and determining precisely what the customer demands.

He has covered everything from understanding competition to the economy to other aspects of a business. It will assist students in gaining a better grasp of the attitude required of an entrepreneur. The advice presented in the book is what he says he wishes someone had told him when he was starting.

He believes in creating his luck, and he has ascended to the position where he is via sheer hard work and dedication to his craft and skill. He is a self-made man who embodied the fundamentals of entrepreneurship at a young age. He has the zeal to be the best version of himself and he is leaving his mark in his own way, he claims.

He has established a name and reputation in the field of digital marketing and information technology, and he has quickly established himself as the go-to guy for your company's online presence.