Harry Styles
British singer Harry Styles from the band One Direction arrives to attend the presentation of the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2014 collection during London Fashion Week February 17, 2014.Reuters

One Direction seems to be in troubled waters again, as the band's movie director Morgan Spurlock predicts that the band might not stick together for long and the next member to call it quits might be Harry Styles.

The "One Direction: This is Us" director feels that the 21-year-old is ready to focus on his career and this is a good time to give it a chance. "I think they'll stay together for a little bit longer and then I think at some point Harry will probably leave," he told TMZ.

Spurlock also told the website that Malik's exit was not a surprise for him because he knew that he was "the most talented guy in that group" and that he just took some time to realise that he was far more gifted as a musician than any of his band-mates.

"He's an incredible singer. All of them are talented singers -- that's why they were all put together -- but to make the decision to leave and go off on your own and chase a solo career in the midst of being as famous as you are, as successful as you are – you can't fault someone for that," Spurlock told TMZ.

Simon Cowell who has been mentoring One Direction for quite some time, had also revealed to the "Late Show" host James Corden that Malick and Cowell had discussed about his departure since a long time. The reality-show judge has tried advising the 22-year-old to stay for some time more, but seeing that he was stressed and needed some time off, Cowell respected his decision to the leave the band.

It looks like Zayn Malik has had enough of the time that he wanted off, as British music producer Naughty Boy recently released preview of a love song titled "I Won't Mind" that the duo has created. It is the first solo project for Malik after he quit his band and the producer is yet to announce if there is more to look out for.