Harry Styles. Credits: Facebook/ Harry Styles
Harry Styles. Credits: Facebook/ Harry StylesFacebook/ Harry Styles

Harry Styles is totally in awe of Los Angeles. Reports have it that Styles bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $ 4.3 million and apparently, this is a calculated decision that will help ease his shift to the U.S.

Styles' fans are shocked by the news, as rumors suggest that Styles is ditching UK for the U.S. so as to stay away from the limelight.

"He likes being in L.A. because it's easier for him to go out and go unnoticed than it is for him in London," a source told E! News.

"Harry spent a couple of weeks last year looking at properties, before finally finding one he loved, and putting in an offer. Contracts have been exchanged and he is now a proud US home-owner," a Daily Mirror source added.

Styles' new pad is equipped with a number of modern facilities, including a private gym, outdoor pool and a home entertainment system. However, he has only told a few people about the purchase as he wants to keep his life private.

This news comes after multiple sources revealed that Styles might be planning leaving "One Direction". Styles' collaboration with John Legend has only fuelled rumors of his intention to go solo in his career.

"We got together for a few hours and wrote what I think is a really lovely song," Legend told The Sun newspaper about the music, according to reports.

Highlighting the possibility of working together again with the 20-year-old, Legend noted: "I'd love to write with him again as he is a very great guy and very talented. He has some really great lyrical ideas and is a very good songwriter."

Furthermore, movies are also on cards for Styles.

With so many opportunities in front of him, it is sure to be difficult for Styles to keep his loyalties towards "One Direction".

Interestingly, the news of Styles going solo started doing the rounds when he started dating Kendall Jenner. Reportedly, Jenner's mother Kris had expressed desire to see the British singer embarking on a solo career.