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After the phenomenal success of all the eight Harry Potter movies, the Potter world accepted that there will be no more magical movies coming from JK Rowling. But everyone was surprised when the British author brought the spinoff franchise starring Eddie Redmayne. There are now rumours that suggest that a Harry Potter TV series is in development by Warner Bros. and fans from around the world are not able to hold their excitement.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was premiered in 2011 and ever since then, Potter fans have witnessed two great movies from the same wizarding world. The Fantastic Beasts movie series is set years before the Harry Potter events but in the forthcoming features, there are speculations that we might get to see Tom Riddle in some capacity.

But Fantastic Beasts are not the only way fans are going to enjoy the same magical world as Warner Bros. is reportedly planning a Harry Potter TV show for their upcoming streaming services, reports WeGotThisCovered. As per the online outlet, the story will work as a prequel and it is most likely to set in Hogwarts. As of now, the plot details are not yet revealed but if this is true then it would seriously be amazing to see that magical castle again.

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Fantastic Beasts movie series are already working as a Harry Potter prequel. So, the rumoured TV show could feature the adventures of Marauders and how James Potter met Lily Potter and eventually it may show the rise of Lord Voldemort.

That being said, we should remember the time when JK Rowling openly dismissed the idea of a Harry Potter TV series. Back in 2015, after the stage show Harry Potter And The Cursed Child premiered, a fan asked Rowling on Twitter about a potential Harry Potter TV show. For this, the famous author replied that "Right after the opera, Potter-on-ice and the interpretative dance version of Beedle The Bard #NotActuallyHappening."

So, as per JK Rowling, a Harry Potter TV show is not actually happening. But given the fact that the tweet is almost four years old, things may have changed and we might get to hear more about the show in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe seems to be on board when it comes to expanding the magical universe. During one of his previous interviews, he stated the following:

"I feel like there are other stories from that world that you could absolutely turn into a TV series, 100 per cent. A series with the older generation, that could be very cool."

As of now, there is no confirmation whether we are going to see a Harry Potter TV show or not.