harpreet singh, wrestling
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Harpreet Singh became the first Indian wrestler to bring home a medal for the nation as he clinched the bronze at the Asian Championship Wrestling 2017 in New Delhi on Wednesday May 10. The 24-year-old achieved the feat in the 80 kg greco-roman wrestling category.

Harpreet, who hails from Faridkot, had a bloody face during the fight, where he made an epic comeback to record a 3-2 win against China's Junjie Na.

The technique used by Harpreet to win has been referred to as the 'bagaldu', which we presume is a term associated with Indian kushti. The technique, according to the original greco-roman glossary, is called a 'high dive'.

The greco-roman wrestling move needs immense upper body strength and explosive leg force, to be executed perfectly.

The 'high-dive' technique in Greco-Roman:

  • You have to lift the arms of the opponent either via an arm drag or manage to find the perfect opening to get a complete hold of the opponent's waist.
  • Once the position has been taken, all you need to do is lift him up and pin him to the mat. That's it. Game over.

There was a lot of pressure on me as I was the only medal hope left and I wanted to give the country a medal on the first day of the championship, being the hosts.

I focused very hard and strategised how I could win the bronze. I am glad I could apply the strategy well to win the medal in the end.

- Harpreet.

More about Harpreet Singh

- The 24-year-old is a Punjab police sub-inspector, apart from a wrestler.

- He won the  bronze medal at the Asian Wrestling Championship 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, as well.

- Harpreet joined the revered Baba Farid Akhara in Faridkot, run by Hargovind Singh's, at the age of 10.

- He is yet to appear at the Olympics.