DC Extended Universe's (DCEU) latest instalment "Suicide Squad" hit theatres last week and though the movie has been bashed by several critics, DC comic book fans have showed their support and are satisfied with the film.

There were numerous references and Easter eggs pointing at several elements from DC comics in the movie. Whether it be bringing some of the most classic moments from comic books to life or cameo by other DCEU superheroes, the movie surely delighted the fans with such moments.

One of the major elements in the movie is the role of Harley Quinn (portrayed by Margot Robbie). Though Harley is shown as one of the many members of Task Force X, that included other deadly villains like Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Captain Boomerang, her character is the most prominent one in the movie.

Harley is shown as being in a relationship with the clown prince of crime, the Joker. In the movie, she is the one who always breaks the ice whenever the situation is dead serious and her hilarious dialect enhances the overall plot of the movie.

Robbie's Harley has a lot of resemblances to the classic character from DC comic books and she has played the role brilliantly. Hence, there is no doubt that most of the fans liked her character a lot and are looking forward to see more of her in future DCEU instalments.

Even though there have been no such official confirmation yet, "Suicide Squad" definitely gave a major hint at Harley's return and it seems that she will be seen soon again in one of DCEU's upcoming instalments.

Spoilers Ahead: Major spoilers in the further part of the story. proceed at your own risk.

At the end of "Suicide Squad," once the mission is over, all the anti-heroes are sent back to their respective cells in the prison as Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) reduces their sentence but doesn't free them.

However, moments before the movie ends, the Joker and his henchmen attack the prison and free Harley from the cell, undoubtedly pointing to the fact the fans will get to see more of her in any of the upcoming films, though it is yet to be announced by Warner Bros.