Hard Kaur and Sunny Leone
Hard Kaur and Sunny LeoneVarinder Chawla

Sunny Leone was recently in news for an interview during which a journalist allegedly asked her "misogynistic" and "sexist" questions. Now, popular singer Hard Kaur has triggered another controversy by calling Sunny "ch---ya".

Hard Kaur was posing for shutterbugs at an event when she made the controversial remark. Nobody brought up any topic about the "Mastizaade" actress, but Hard Kaur suddenly said: "Agar main secretary hoti toh kitni sexy lagti (pause)..jaise ch---ya Sunny Leone. (If I were a secretary, I would look so sexy like ch---ya Sunny Leone)."

During the recent controversial interview, Sunny was asked several questions with regard to her past as a porn-star, and the "Mastizaade" actress was apparently getting uncomfortable over them. Sunny was applauded by many Bollywood A-listers for being calm and answering all the questions with grace. However, only time will tell if and how Sunny reacts to Hard Kaur's latest abusive comment.

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant had made controversial comments on Sunny, saying she would like to send the actress to the place she had come from. "We are doing a favour on Sunny Leone. We are paying her for putting clothes on. I have achieved things by performing and winning people's hearts. I did not do any porn film. Yes, I want to push Sunny Leone out of India and send her back to the place she has come from," Rakhi had said earlier during a media interaction.

To this, the Indo-Canadian actress had told Hindustan Times: "They are useless and baseless comments. It is unprofessional. You would never see an actor or actress speaking bad in the way they have. So it's their problem, I don't care about it. I am here to do good work and I will focus on doing that."

Check Hard Kaur's abusive comment on Sunny Leone below: