Happy Vishu 2016!

Vishu, one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in Kerala, marks the Hindu New Year in the state. It is being observed Thursday, April 14 this year. The Hindu festival, known for rituals like Vishukkani, Vishukaineetam, Vishukodi, Vishu Sadya and Vishupadakkam, falls in the month of Medam in the Malayalam calendar.

According to age-old beliefs, its is said that Lord Krishna had killed the demon Narakasura on Vishu. Another belief related to the festival is that Lord Rama had killed the demon king Ravana on this day, and then onwards Suryadeva (Sun God) began to rise from the East.

Meanwhile, the first day of the lunisolar calendar is celebrated as Bisu in Mangalore and Udupi, Ugadi in other parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, and Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra.

Celebs wish Vishu

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Here are a few messages, wishes and picture greetings to be shared on Vishu 2016:

Vishu stands for new and fresh
Let us strive to make all days like Vishu. Happy New Year.

May you be able to handle the ups and downs that you come across in life. Happy Vishu 2016.

Wishing you a blissful, bright, delightful, energetic, healthy, great, prosperous and extremely happy Vishu.

The Malayalam new year Vishu is here. It is the time to celebrate a new beginning. Wishing you the greetings of the colourful festival.

From Vishukkani to Vishu Sadya, may you be able to enjoy the special moments of the festival with your family. Happy Vishu.

You might be miles apart, but wishing you the blessings of the new year that will be filled wityh joyful moments. Happy Vishu 2016.

I formally announce that I have started accepting Vishu Kaineetam in cash, cheques, DD, top-up cards. Request yout to avoid last minute rush!! Happy Vishu my dear.

May Lord Krishna bring peace to your home and heart now and always. Happy Vishu.

Ormakal koodu kootiya manasinte thalir chillayil,
Ponnin niramulla orayiram ormakalumayi,
Oru Vishu kaalam koodi varavayi.
Snehathode orayiram Vishu Asamsakal nerunnu

Orayiram kanikonnakal manasil pookaan,
oru Vishu kaalam koodi vannirikunnu,
Ee varsham nallath mathram sambavikatte ennu aashamsichukond

Orayiram Vishu asamsakal