An occasion to celebrate mothers and everything related to it like maternal bonds, motherhood and influence of mothers in the society, Mother's Day is observed in the United States and India on May 8 every year.

Though the day is celebrated majorly in honour to the one who "cause you to be, or conceived molded, birthed and raised," it also recognises who are not mother to any particular person but have significantly influenced one's life. She can be an aunt or a teacher as well.

Marvel and DC Comics, two of the most prominent comic book publications in the world, consist of several superhero motherly characters. Whether X-Men's Jean Grey or Batman's Oracle, they all have experienced motherhood at least once.

As the world celebrates Mother's Day on May 8, here are some of the renowned superhero moms from these comic books:

Jean Grey

After Jean Grey was resurrected in one of the story arcs, she found that her husband had a child with her clone and since it was technically her own child, she decided to raise it as her own.


Though Barbara Gordon/Oracle has never been a real mother (due to the incident with the Joker), she has served as the backbone of the new Bat-family for a long time, assisting Batman and Robin whenever they needed help.

Sue Richards/Invisible Woman

Besides being one of the most powerful members of Fantastic Four, Sue is also a mother to Franklin and Valeria. However, she also serves as a motherly figure to the rest of the team as whenever there is a situation, her foremost priority is their safety.

Jessica Jones

Jessica and Luke Cage went into hiding after they chose not to register as superheroes following the "Civil War" aftermath. However, when their base was attacked, she registered herself as a mutant to save her child and joined Tony Stark's side.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch never had kids, but she conjured them from her mutant powers of reality-altering magic. Afterwards, Wanda did her best to protect her children and made sure that the shadow of evil does not befall on them.