Apply generous amount of oil on your body before playing Holi to avoid colour stains.REUTERS/Mark Wessels

The festival of Holi is right around the corner and people across the country are eagerly waiting to engage in the massive throwing of colours at each other.

But as the fun-filled celebration comes to an end, getting rid of those coloured stains becomes a bit of nuisance. Also, the chemicals used in the dyes can turn the skin and hair rough and itchy.

To keep up with the spirit of the vibrant festival without having to complain at the end, here are some tips which will help keep your beauty intact post the celebrations:   

Pre-Holi hair and skin care

Hair: Liberally apply warm coconut oil or castor oil for 20-25 minutes before playing Holi. For dandruff, mix eight to ten drops of lemon in the oil and apply. This will help remove the colours off your hair easily.

Face: Put dollops of moisturizer on your face. This will protect against the effects of chemical-loaded colours. You may also apply a waterproof foundation as this will shield your skin from the colours and also act as a barrier.

Eyes and lips: Do not wear lens while playing Holi as the colour might get into the lens and harm your eyes. Also avoid wearing spectacles. If you cannot do without it, be careful while playing as your face might end up getting hurt due to the edges of the glasses.

For lips, apply a generous layer of balm.

Body: Slather your body with sunscreen, castor or olive oil or body lotion. Wear full sleeved-cotton clothes. Avoid denims. You may feel heavy once drenched in the coloured water. Cotton shorts or pants are perfect wear.

Nails: Paint your nails with dark-coloured nail polish as this will prevent staining your nails.

Post-Holi hair and skin care:

Hair: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do not apply harsh shampoos to get rid of the colours as this might strip off the natural oils present in your hair. If you have hair loss or rough hair, massage it with warm almond or olive oil. This will soothe and condition your hair.

Home remedies work best for your hair. Soak few fenugreek (methi) seeds in water overnight. Next morning crush them to make a paste. Apply this on your hair and keep it for at least 15 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If used twice a week, the mask will help reducing hair loss. The mask also controls the dandruff.

Face: Always use cold water to remove colours. Make a paste of raw milk and besan and apply it on your face to remove the colour stains. You may also use a light oil such as jojoba or grape seed to remove the excess colour from your skin. Wash it off with a mild face wash and rinse it with lukewarm water. Moisturize immediately. If you are prone to acne, avoid scrubbing. Go for facial or facial bleach only a week after playing Holi. Give some time to your skin to recover from the damage.

Eyes: Splash water on your eyes to remove the colours. Do not rub your eyes.

Body: You can use coconut oil to get rid of the colours. Take some coconut oil on a cotton ball and rub it on your body to remove the stains. Use glycerine or aloe vera-based soaps. After bath apply generous amount of body lotion. Avoid taking baths frequently. This may result in dry skin.

Follow all the tips and you are bound to glow even after playing with colours. Have a happy and safe Holi!