The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is something special, which many of us cherish throughout the life. They are the loving pillars of comfort and support for many of us, and to honour them, National Grandparents' Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1978.

The day is celebrated on the first Sunday after the US Labor Day, which is observed on the first Monday in September. This year, the special day falls on Sunday, 13 September.

US President Barack Obama has saluted all grandparents with this presidential proclamation released on 11 September.

"On National Grandparents Day, we honor the sacrifices they make and continue to show our affection and appreciation for them. I call upon all Americans to take the time to honour their own grandparents and those in their community," Obama writes.

Check out some interesting messages, wishes and greetings to be shared with your grandparents on their special day below:

There's never a moment in life where your special love isn't needed. Thanks for showing your open arms and an open heart always. Happy Grandparents' Day 

Thank you for being the greatest grandfather/grandmother and for giving me the best mother/father. You are such an amazing and adorable person. Wishing you all the greetings of your special day. Happy Grandparents' Day

Happy Grandparents' Day
Happy Grandparents' Day123 Greetings

Whenever I did something mischevious, you supported me saying its all part of the life. Now I realize how my naughty acts helped me to become a great father/mother. Thanks you dear grandma/grandpa. Happy Grandparents' Day.

Sorry I did something naughty today. But as usual shhh!!! don't tell mom/pa. Love you lots. Happy Grandparents' Day.

Happy Grandparents' Day
Happy Grandparents' Day123 Greetings

I just want to express how much you both mean for me. You shaped my life when my parents were busy with their works. You dedicated your life for your kids and grandkids. You both are so amazing. I love you both of you and have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything. 

When I think of my childhood days, I have so much of memories with you. But when I think of my adult days, I really don't have much to remember about you. Sorry for leaving you alone. Happy Grandparents' Day.

A million of hugs and kisses to my dearest grandparents. I love you both and thank you! Sending you all the greetings of Grandparents' Day.

Love you my dear grandparents. Thank you for your love, care and support you always give me. Thank you for being my bestie. 

You adviced me when I did something wrong.

You told me many stories when I couldn't sleep.

You supported me whenever I was in pain.

You helped me in making what I am today.

Thank you so much for being part of my ups and down.

Happy Grandparents' Day.

Your words are my strength and your stories of success in life are my inspiration. Happy Grandparents' Day.

Happy Grandparents' Day
Happy Grandparents' Day123 Greetings

 You are the lamp of our family, a blessing from God. You bless me and the rest of our family. Thank you for providing stability, support, wisdom, kindness, and love. Happy Grandparents' Day.

Happy Grandparents' Day
Happy Grandparents' Day123 Greetings