Some of the fondest memories in our lives almost always include grandparents. After all, they are everlasting sources of sympathy, support and kindness. And it is but important to designate one day to celebrate their existence.

It is not widely known that Woodstock is somehow responsible for the birth of National Grandparents day in the US. "The culture of the 1960s was largely driven by younger people, and older generations, who were living longer than ever, were increasingly seen as out of touch and of diminished value," reports Time.

It is no wonder then that former US President Jimmy Carter designated the first Sunday after Labour Day as Grandparents days.

And on 13 September, we present you with a list of celebrities who have joined the grandparents club, but look so young you wouldn't believe they are granddads and grannies.

Nicholas Cage

The "Face Off" actor is a new entrant to the grandparents club. In 2014, the Cage family celebrated the birth of Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage. Nicholas Cage, only 50 at the time, welcomed his grandson into his life.

Jim Carrey

The actor was appointed grandfather in 2010 when his daughter gave birth to a son. We can expect a lot of happy, goofy moments when Jim hangs out with his grandson.

Pierce Brosnan

The dashing Irish actor is more famously known as James Bond, rather than as a grand dad. But he has been a doting grandfather since 1998.

Whoopi Goldberg

She is possibly one of the youngest grand moms alive. Whoopi became a grand mom when she was all of 34, and has donned the role for the past 20 years.

Charlie Sheen

It's hard to imagine Charlie Sheen as a grandparent. In fact, when his daughter gave birth to a baby girl, the "Two and a Half Men" actor tweeted, "Hey Luna, Welcome to my planet!" Let's hope that Charlie's planet is a sober one now.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is so wonderful; we can expect him to fit into grandpa shoes with ease. When the "Captain Philips" actor became a grand dad in 2013, he said on the "David Letterman Show" that he misses his granddaughter, and wishes he could see more of her.