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Solid friendships do not require heavy maintenance, which is why you will not find yourself constantly reminding your friends what they mean to you. However, it doesn't hurt to let them know , once in a while, how special they are.

We have come up with a list of Hindi film dialogues that will help you celebrate Friendship Day in the most cheeky and Bollywood way possible.

Usually on Friendship Day, heavy-duty, meaningful quotes are circulated among friends. You can take a different, fun and quirky route to reach out to friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. 

#HappyFriendshipDay quotes for all the Bollywood lovers here: 

"Dil Chahta Hai"

"Ya toh dosti gehri hai... ya yeh photo 3D hai." (Either our friendship is deep or this photo is in 3D).

This is mostly a filler dialogue, you could use randomly to show off how witty you are by quickly thinking of a dialogue that represents your friendship.

"Andaz Apna Apna"

"Do dost ek pyaale mein chai peeyenge, isse dosti badhti hai." (Friends should always drink tea from the same cup, it deepens the friendship).

This too can be used in every situation. Or you can personalise the lines by replacing chai (tea) with a beverage of your choice. Beer is an excellent option.

"Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"

"Pyar dosti hai." (Love is friendship)

This is when you are leaving not-so-subtle clues to your female friend, for whom you have feelings for. This will break some of the ice.

"Maine Pyar Kiya"

"Dosti ka ek usool hai madam. No sorry, no thank you." (Friendship runs on one principle – no sorry, no thank you).

This can be used on a friend whom you're trying to impress by showing how courteous you are.

"3 Idiots"

"Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh zyada dukh hota hai." (It hurts when friends fail, but it hurts even more when they lead).

This is for that friend whom you really hate for lying that he/she didn't study for the test.

"Kal Ho Naa Ho"

"Pyar ka pehla kadam dosti hai aur aakhri bhi, bas beech ke kadam reh gaye hai." (The first and the last step to love starts with friendship, the steps in between remain).

This is the last stop for those trying to convince your female friend into a relationship.


"Jo dost kaminey nahi hote, woh kaminey dost nahi hote." (Friends aren't really friends if they aren't scoundrels).

This is for times when you cannot stand your friends' guts for doing something terrible, but eventually forgive them because they are your friends.