The lockdown and quarantine have been an opportunity for stars to foray into new forms of content. So many stars have sung, produced songs and raps for their audiences. This has ensured that no matter the lockdown, they'll keep bringing us new content to look forward to.

Now Madhuri Dixit has dropped her single on social media. Her musical foray has been anticipated for a while now, and people have been looking forward to the actress showing us her musical side. Her first single Candle is out now and the actress is also looking forward to the reactions.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit releases her first single Candle

Madhuri Dixit is no doubt one of the most talented actresses we have. The Bollywood actress who has made a whole generation's hearts beat had announced she would be making her entry into music. Her fans have been eagerly waiting to see the actress drop her tunes. 

Now, Madhuri has released her first single on Facebook and Instagram. In her post earlier today she wrote, "Happy, excited & a little nervous! Here's my first ever song, out for all of you to enjoy. #Candle out now exclusively on Facebook and Instagram. Hope you love it as much as we enjoyed creating it!" 

Speaking about the single, the actress had said, "'Candle' showcases a glimpse of my journey so far, which has been full of surprises, struggles, celebrations and soul-searching. But the one thing that ties this journey together is love and hope that everything happens for all the right reasons." 

The song which is meant to bring hope is receiving lots of love from her fans who have been waiting for a while since her birthday after she dropped her teaser.