Happy Diwali, Happy Deepavali 2017
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Happy Diwali 2017!!

Diwali (Deepavali), the festival of lights is observed every year to mark the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. The five-day rituals start 18 days after Dussehra and the main festival (third day) is celebrated on Wednesday, October 18 in south India this year while the Diwali is celebrated with pomp in north India a day after on Thursday, October 19 this year.

Diwali celebrations begin with Dhanteras with people buying new things and it is followed by Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali on the second and third days. Diwali Padva highlighting the relationship of wife–husband and Bhai Dooj dedicated to sister–brother bond are celebrated on the next two days.

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As part of Diwali celebrations, homes will be cleaned and decorated, while people dress up in their new attires. Sharing sweets and gifts with friends and family also form part of Diwali festivities. Being the festival of lights, houses will be lit with diyas or lamps and firecrackers will be burst at night.

In India, Diwali is an official holiday and special pujas (prayer) are conducted by Hindus to worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

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International Business Times India wishes our readers all the greetings of Diwali festival and here is a compilation of best wishes, messages and picture greetings to be shared on the festival of lights with your friends and family on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms:

It's the time to visit our friends and family,
To give them sweets and presents,
May this Diwali be a splendid one for everyone in your family.
Happy Diwali 2017

Diwali, Happy diwali, Happy Deepavali
Happy Deepavali 2017Facebook

May you be blessed with endless happiness, health and wealth forever.
May the thousands of lamps you light up today bring light to your life.
Wishing you all the greetings of Diwali 2017.

May God bless you abundantly and fill your life with lots of love and happiness. I wish the colour and lights of Diwali fill your home and mind with happiness.
Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali 2017.

Diwali, Happy diwali, Happy Deepavali
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May this Diwali give you the most memorable moments in life,
May the lamps illuminate your life with happiness
Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali 2017.

May Deepavali, the festival of lights illuminate your life and bring glory, prosperity, health and peace. Happy Diwali 2017.

Diwali, Happy diwali, Happy Deepavali
Happy Diwali 2017Facebook

May the goddess Lakshmi bless each one of you abundantly on this auspicious festival of lights. Diwali wishes to you and your family.

On this auspicious festival,
May your life,
Shimmer with Silver,
Shine with Gold and
Dazzle like Platinum.
Wish you a very prosperous and happy year ahead.

Happy Diwali, Happy Deepavali 2017
Happy Diwali 2017123 Greetings

Diwali is all about having fun with friends and family. When you all celebrate this day, I am here, far away and miles away from each one of you. I miss all the moments we spent together all these years. I want you all to enjoy the colourful day thinking am there. Happy Diwali to all.

May the beauty of Diwali fill your heart and may love bring you endless joy. Have an awesome Diwali and New Year.

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May this Diwali light up all your dreams by making you life bright, beautiful and cheerful. Spend the auspicious day with your family. Happy Deepavali.

May you have all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring, all the blessings a life can unfold. May you get the world's best in everything. Wishing you happy Diwali.

Diwali, Happy diwali, Happy Deepavali
Happy Diwali 2017Facebook

May your house be filled with the sweet and delicious Diwali sweets and savouries this festive season. Eat well and enjoy the day. Happy Diwali 2016.

A festival full of childhood memories,
Sky full of fireworks,
Mouth full of sweets,
House full of diyas and heart full of joy.
Wishing you happy Diwali

Happy Diwali 2016
Happy Diwali 2016123 Greetings

I miss our childhood days,
I miss our Diwali celebrations,
We enjoyed the day with crackers, sweets, new dresses,
Now with miles away from home, I just miss every fun.
Wishing you all the wishes of a prosperous Diwali this year.

Ma and pa, I am so sorry for not being with you this Diwali. I promise you to be with you for the next Diwali. I hope you both will celebrate it with your friends this time. I will miss you guys. Happy Diwali 2017.