India is celebrating the first day of Diwali, known as Dhanteras, on 9 November, i.e., today. The festival of lights will be celebrated on 11 November.

Hindus consider Dhanteras auspicious to purchase gold or silver articles or at least one or two new utensils.

It is believed that new Dhan or some form of precious metal is a sign of good luck.

The name Dhanteras is derived from Dhan which means wealth and tera which signifies the 13th day of the lunar cycle.

It holds great significance in the business community.

On Dhanteras, Lakshmi Puja is performed in the evenings when tiny diyas (earthen lamps) are lit to drive away the influence of evil spirits.

To celebrate this festival with their followers and fans, several Bollywood and television celebs have wished "Happy Dhanteras" on social media.

Here are some of the tweets: