It's almost impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her and notice anyone else when Sonam Kapoor walks into a room. Her aura and charismatic personality, coupled with that dazzling smile never misses the spotlight. The fashion diva and style icon of the country has totally redefined what fashion meant to many. From being effortless, chic and casual to sometimes flaunting what grandeur and drama a dress can create; the Kapoor girl is someone who has been a trendsetter and a trend breaker in every sense.

Photographers' muse and every designer's most loved face, Sonam has become synonymous with the changing face of fashion in the country. Sometimes she reminds us of the majestic queens we have had in the past and sometimes her attires port us directly to the pop culture. Some days she is the girl-next-door and on some, a boss-woman and an absolute head-turner.

Sonam Kapoor as tutti frutti
Sonam Kapoor as tutti fruttiInstagram

However, there have been a few times when Sonam has funnily reminded us of some of our most favourite food items too and on days like this, we truly would like to thank her for that!

The time when she reminded us of our good old childhood friend – tutti frutti! Stress, bad day, anxiety, tiredness, monotony – was there anything that this divine scoop couldn't fix? Not really!

Sonam Kapoor as pista barfi
Sonam Kapoor as pista barfiInstagram

Remember the time when the whole nation was sending sonpapadis around and you took pride in having some 'elite' pista barfi at home? You know where its headed.

Sonam Kapoor as cotton candy
Sonam Kapoor as cotton candyInstagram

Delicacies of the world on one side and cotton candy on the other. What would you choose? We know!

Sonam Kapoor as Bavarian chocolate icecream
Sonam Kapoor as Bavarian chocolate ice-creamInstagram

A little phoren for our desi taste buds, but always stays in vogue – Mississipi mud or Bavarian chocolate.

Sonam Kapoor as Magum
Sonam Kapoor as MagumInstagram

A timeless delight – Magnum.