Sanjay Dutt is one name in Bollywood that has managed to stand out for many reasons, apart from the movies. Hailing from a family of superstar parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Sanjay Dutt's Bollywood journey has not exactly been a bed of roses. The superstar had a controversial life that forced him to juggle between drug rehabilitation centre, central jail and court cases amidst films. Due to this, at an early age, Sanjay garnered the title of Khalnayak or Bad Boy of Bollywood, and ever since then, Sanjay Dutt's life has always been under scrutiny.

You can hate him, love him, but cannot deny the fact that his life has been sort of inspiration for many. The actor, who has turned 61 today, has not only charmed fans with his extraordinary performance in Vaastav, Sadak, Saajan, Munna Bhai and many more, but has also motivated them to face the obstacles thrown by life, and stand tall against the odds.

Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt who is fondly known as 'Baba' among the loved ones has literally risen from the ashes and has given Bollywood some iconic films. As the going gets tough and the tough get going for the Kalank actor manages to impart some pearls of wisdom, that can encourage people from different spheres of life. On his birthday, here's the list of five life lessons we must take from the Munna Bhai of Bollywood!

1. Stand up, face the problems, and fight back

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Sanjay has lived a roller coaster life filled with controversies. Some decisions he took growing backfired badly and the actor who had promising Bollywood career lost many precious years in a rehabilitation centre and court cases. But Sanjay did not let the failures decide the fate of his life. He invested time in making himself a better person and bounced back with a bang.

2. Own up to your mistakes and learn

Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt

It's a lot easier to walk away, but owning up to your wrongdoing takes a lot of courage. Whether it was about using substances, having several girlfriends or keeping the guns, Sanjay never shied away from accepting his mistakes and working on making things better for him and for the people around him.

3. Don't expect much from others

Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt

As human beings, we tend to fall back on people we love care when hard time hits. But Sanjay Dutt has taught us that the key to a happy life is fewer expectations from others, especially friends. During his jail tenure, none of his friends visited him much and he was fine with it.

4. Control your hopes

Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt

Hope is driving fuel of life. It helps us discover new things and grow. But sometimes, it hurts us so badly that coping from the pain becomes impossible. Especially when things go out of our hands, we should stop our brains from making unrealistic hopes. Talking about his days in the jail, Sanjay Dutt said that there's a no place for hope in jail. He said, "When I went to jail, it took me two weeks to stop hoping but the day I stopped hoping, my days in the jail passed so fast. Hope is not bad but you should be able to control hope."

5. Life is better without drugs

Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is someone who has literally tried every drug in the world in his young days and even people in the American rehab centre were surprised how he was alive. But Baba doesn't want anyone to follow his footsteps and has been inspiring youth to focus more on life, career, development and on making happiness and hard work their only drug.

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Sanjay Dutt's phenomenal life is way more than drugs, guns, cases and controversies. Even in his 60's his rocking killer abs and personality, inspiring millions to focus on a better life.